Shadows Rising


A group of four outsiders found themselves in the Green Dragon Inn. Up to no good, one of them brutally murdered one of the owners. Jago, the local blacksmith burst in informing everyone in the Green Dragon that his daughter was kidnapped by mysterious robed figures! This was enough distraction for the murderer to blame his crime on the cultists. Little did he know, there might have been a witness hiding nearby.

Accompanied by the other owner of the Inn, who was also the husband of the murdered one, the group followed the tracks of the robed figures through a forest to an ancient tomb. After a few fights against the robed figures, the group discovered they were cultists attempting to open a portal to another world.

By sacrificing Jago’s daughter, the cultists were able to open this portal, and unleash upon the world a tidal wave of destruction. Monsters have returned, and they are out for blood.

Only two of the outsiders managed to escape with their lives, but perhaps those wont last as long as they would hope.


thebadbishop thebadbishop

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