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Long ago Exdall, God of All, was the one and only god. He oversaw everything within the mortal universe, and for a while he enjoyed his responsibilities. But that was before evil crept into the hearts of the mortal beings that he created.

The mortals began to pray to Exdall about the desire to torture, murder, or rape other mortals. These prayers slowly shifted into actions. Little by little, corruption seeped into the hearts of the mortal beings that once were. Exdall wanted to stop his creations from destroying one another, but he did not want to destroy them as he still had love for them. He knew that they would continue to do evil things to each other if he continued to give them free will.

Overwhelmed with grief, Exdall couldn’t bear to watch his creations doing the things that they were. He believed that a universe without divine intervention was one that his creations were, unknowingly, asking for. So he created a weapon capable of killing anything, even a god: Balthier, Godlsayer

After one final goodbye to his creations, Exdall thrust his body onto Balthier, instantly killing himself. But Exdall’s godly power was too great to be destroyed so easily. When he thrust his body onto the blade his body shattered into eight pieces and those pieces reformed into The Nine Gods that are worshiped by those who live in the world today.

When Exdall’s body became The Nine Gods, the mortals that he created, too, split into many beings. The evil ones became known as monsters and demons, their evil inside became physical. The good creatures became the mortals that still live on Enor now.

It is unknown what became of the evil creatures and they have fallen into myth. Many people believe they will return one day, but they pray to The Nine to keep this from happening.


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